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CT DESA Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary helps to supporting the CT-DESA  Chapter and meets in conjunction with the CT-DESA chapter monthly meeting . The ladies Auxiliary are involved with functions such as, bake sales, tag sales, making Christmas gifts for the Rocky Hill VA home, the yearly Christmas party, DE day, and fund raising projects  to mention a few.

The Auxiliary membership is open to Wives, Widows of former sailor, and Daughters.  For more information please send your inquiry and questions to:  Annette Palermo 30 Chidsey Dr. Branford, CT  06471 



CT DESA Ladies Auxiliary Roster

Adriani, Elaine           DE-148     USS Brough
Elkies, Anita
Flodeen, Dot             
DE-534     USS Silverstine     - Treasurer

Glassman, Doris         DE-744     USS Kyne
Griffin, Catherine        DE--60     USS Gantner
Gronki, Anne              DE-157    USS Flechteler
Lessard, Barbara      
  DE---6     USS Wyffels

Muenz, Anna              DE-363     USS Pratt
Palermo, Annette       
DE-421     USS  Chester T. Obrien   - President
Parsitsky, Rayne
Pearce, Lorraine       
  DE-258    USS  Walter S. Brown

Rose, Winot               DE-194    USS Wingfield
Sikora, Carroline         DE-642    USS Paul G. Baker           - Secretary
Svihovec, Peggy          DE-766    USS Slater
Thomas, Anne
VanWagner, Elaine    
 DE-194    USS Wingfield

Wheeler, Doris            DE-439    USS Conklyn
Zickefoose, Nancy    



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