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2007 Christmas Party

Details to be added



2007 Christmas Party

Business & Awards Recognition




TOP: Thimble Island Cruise Crew assemble and receive instruction
from Nick Palermo at Legion Post #83, Branford CT Aug 07,2007.

LOWER PHOTOS: Random shots of the Thimble Island Crew are on board
cruise boat just prior to getting underway.



TOP: A view of some of the Thimble Islands as seen from the tour boat.

LOWER PHOTOS: Random shots of the Thimble Island Crew eating lunch
at the Chowder Pot Restaurant- Branford CT Aug,7, 2007.



Top Photo:    CT-DESA DE Day/Picnic, Post 87 Branford, CT, 1 July 2007

Middle Photo: DE Day presentation by Vincent Thomas with chapter officers listening on

Lower Photo:  Display of Navy memorabilia


Top Photo:   CT-DESA members listening to Vincent Thomas' presentation

Middle Photo: DE & DD models with 2007 CT-DESA cake

Lower Photo:  Skipper Harry Wheeler cutting the cake under supervision of Elliott Glassman


Top Photo:   Serving the cake

Middle Photo: Overall view of CT-DESA attending members

Lower Photo:  Main table setup for July 2007 CT-DESA DE Day/Picnic


May 2nd, 2007 - Caption below


May 2nd, 2007 - Photos taken from the Dutch Apple of the USS Slater DE-766, Albany NY


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