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NOTES:  from the Yeoman's Desk

About DESA and DESA Chapters:

The Destroyer Escort Sailor Association, DESA, is an organization for US Navy and Coast Guard sailors who served aboard a DE, DER, APD or FF. These ships were active during WWII through the Cold War, so service at any time during this period qualifies for membership.

DESA is the parent organization for the many local chapters throughout the United States. CT-DESA is the local chapter for the State of Connecticut.  Thought not required, membership is encourage in both DESA and the local chapter, if one exist in your state.

CT-DESA is looking for US Navy and Coast Guard personnel in the Conneticut area who served aboard a destroyer escort (DE), destroyer escort radar picket (DER), fast attack transports (APD), or fast frigates (FF) to join our Chapter.

Being active in both groups gives you exposure to the activities in your local chapter as well as DESA activities such as reunions, DE day events, other functions which are naval related and plans for the DESA annual convention. Also, as a member of DESA you will receive the bi-monthly newspaper, DESANews, that brings you stories, histories, reunion dates, Chapter news, death notices and much more.  Come aboard and Join Today! <>  For more information, contact DESA. <>.

The USS SLATER (DE-766) is one of only two remaining DEs in the United States and has been restored with the WWII original battle armament and configuration.  SLATER is located in Albany, NY and open to the public.  Veterans can relive the memories aboard ship and visitors have a chance to see what life was like for the sailors who manned DEs.  Also, a vast collection of memorabilia is on display.  For more information, visit the SLATER website.

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