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ID #NameDescription
171FAL-2529FALLER: GARDEN AND FIELD FENCE ( kit is plastic parts - Assembly and painting required ) NIP (1)
202GHQ 51-003GHQ: FORD TAURUS Automobiles ( Britannia Pewter), Kit - assembly and painting required NIP (1 lot of 2 autos )
172MT #1018MICRO TRAINS: ADJUSTABLE PASSENGER TRUCKS - standard heavy weight 6 wheel Assembly required NIP (5)
12MT #105510MICRO TRAINS: 50' steel side 15 panel fixed end Gondola ROCK ISLAND RI-3958 BC Red - white lettering NIB (2)
4MT #108090MICRO TRAINS: 100 ton 3 bay hopper READING & NORTHERN RBMN-7419 Black -white lettering NIB (1)
177MT #1173MICRO TRAINS: BUCKEYE TRUCKs (1 pair ) with medium extension mage-matic couplers NIP (1)
84MT #12010MICRO TRAINS: 40' Steel box car single door READING RDG-101999 box car red with white lettering NIB (2)
155MT #20436MICRO TRAINS: 40' Standard box car, single door CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILROAD CP-51022 ( BC Red w white lettering ) NIB (1)
97MT #22070 MICRO TRAINS: 40' Standard box car plug & sliding door PACIFIC GREAT EASTERN, PG-4942, BOX CAR RED & WHITE LETTERING NIB (1)
85MT #25430MICRO TRAINS: 50' Rib side l box car single door ROCK ISLAND Ri-36187 box car red with white lettering NIB (1)
154MT #3000MICRO TRAINS : SUGAR BEET CAR ( super detailed Kit Assembly & Painting required ( less couplers and trucks ) NIB (1)
14MT #32140MICRO TRAINS: 50" Box Car plug door LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE L&N-103783 Blue - Yellow lettering NIB (2)
22MT #57100MICRO TRAINS: 2 bay composite sides 33' HOPPER, PENNSYLVANIA, PRR--220877, Tuscan with white lettering NIB (1)
23MT #6101050' composite Gondola ROCK ISLAND RI-187506 fixed ends BC Red - white lettering NIB (1)
8MT #62040MICRO TRAINS: 50' composite Gondola ROCK ISLAND RI-1119, fish belly - drop ends BC Red - white lettering NIB (1)
21MT #73020Micro T 40' Standard box car single door ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC, RI-57607 Blue -Black lettering NIB (1)
157MT #74010MICRO TRAINS: 40' Standard box car, single door, less roof walk, CP RAIL CP-165204 ( Yellow with PAC MAN Logo ) NIB (1)
86MT #77020Micro Trains 50" standard box car, single door READING, RDG-20054 green with yellow lettering NIB (1)
6MT #7804050' Box Car double door LEHIGH VALLEY LV-8505 Box car red - white lettering NIB (7)
13MT #92020MICRO TRAINS: 2 bay covered ACF Hopper RIO GRANDE D&RGW-!0099 Gray & Black lettering NIB (1)
94MT #92102Micro Trains: 150 Years of CHICAGO & NORTH WESTER N ( 2 bay ACF center flow Covered hoppers ) painted C&NW in colors NIB-CW (1)
95MT #94102Micro Trains: BNSF MERGER (2 Pack ) 1 Two bay BN, 1 Three bay ATSF. center flow covered hoppers NIB-CW (1)
98MT #94130MICRO TRAINS 3 Bay ACF centered flow covered hoppe, PRARIE MALT LTD, PMLX-1011, maroon w white & yellow lettering NIB (3)
158MT -55410MICRO TRAINS: 33"Twin bay hopper, off set sides, CANADIAN PACIFIC, CP-354116, ( Black w white lettering ) NIB (1)