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ID #NameDescription
11932-27568WALTHERS 30' 4 window Caboose (2 Pack) BURLINGTON, CB&Q #s Red NIB (1)
53ACCU-3118ACCURAIL 40" Plug Door Box Car GREEN BAY & WESTERN GBW-21006 yellow with black lettering - Kit, Assembly required NIB (1)
126ATH -#2175 ATHEARN: RAIL DIESEL CAR, RDC-3 Hi F Powered, undercoated kit and assembly required ( ERNST Gear kit In Stock ) NIB (4)
1ATH 1249 ATHEARN Caboose undec - blue box kit assembly required NIB (1)
15ATH-1285ATHEARN Bay window kit undec, blue box kit assembly required NIB (3)
52ATH-1599ATHEARN 40 STEEL ICED REEFER undecorated - Blue Box, kit assembly required NIB (6)
49ATH-1615ATHEARN: 40' Ice Reefer BANGOR AROOSTOOK RR, #BAR-7564, ( orange - black lettering Blue Box, kit assembly required NIB (1)
40ATH-1840ATHEARN RPO STANDARD (hw) UNDECORATED kit assembly required (2) NIB
41ATH-1840ATHEARN RPO STANDARD (hw) painted green New Haven , NH-3334 assembled (KD-5) RTR (1) NIB
42ATH-1840ATHEARN RPO STANDARD (hw) painted green New Haven NH-3422 assembled (KD-5) RTR (1) NIB
74ATH-1880ATHEARN BAGGAGE CAR (hw) lettered NEW HAVEN NH-5421 Green Assembled RTR with K#5 NIB (1)
75ATH-1880 ATHEARN BAGGAGE CAR (hw) lettered NEW HAVEN, NH-5422 green, assembled RTR with K5 couplers
77ATH-4900ATHEARN C44-9W POWERED DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE undercoated, detail parts assembly required (Blue Box) New in the Box (1)
48ATH-5335ATHEARN 50' Express Reefer PACIFIC FRUIT EXPRESS #PFE-603, Blue Box, kit assembly required NIB (3)
88ATH-5556 ATHEARN: Impact car ends, TRAILER TRAIN UTLX-60125 Yellow with black & white lettering KIT assembly required NIB (1)
76ATH-G6030ATHEARN GENESIS SD79M SOUTHERN PACIFIC diesel locomotive undercoated SP version new in the box assembly required (1)
104ATH-G9000ATHEARN-GENESIS USRA 2-8-2 Light MIKADO Steam Locomotive with road pilot- undercoated NIB-NR (2)
175ATLAS -#174: 45 DEGREE CROSSING TRACK (Nickle silver, Code 100) NIP (1)
122ATLAS -#577 CROSSING : 90 DEGREE Track - code 83 NS Rail Snap Track NIP (1)
203ATLAS -#81ATLAS: BRIDGE PIERS, package of 4 ( 3" height GRAY in color ) NIB ( 1 )
125BAC #42204 BACHMANN Railroad & Street SIGNS (24 Signs per pack,) HO Scale NIB ( 2)
201BUS #4121BUSH: Lamp post 16V, 60 ma ( 1 lot of 3 Street light lamp post - [ gray ] NIB (1 lot of 3 post )
200BUS #4124BUSH: Lamp post 16V, 60 ma ( 1 lot of 7 Street light lamp post - [ black ] NIB (1 lot of 7 post )
136CHO #7204CHOOCH: Car load for WALTHERS 100 ton QUAD HOPPER NIP (1)
139CHO #7042CHOOCH: Log Retaining Wall NIP (1)